Bienvenue à Bisous!

Come home in glamour...

An ode to Parisian Haute couture and its glamorous restaurants combining French – Zeeland cuisine located at the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam.

Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious dinner with extraordinary wines or late night cocktails and dancing with friends; Bisous welcomes you with open arms.

French – Zeeland gastronomy with a luscious menu that never bores and invites you to indulge in a variety of flavours.

Interior design by J.P. Demeyer​

The interior design is the creation of Jean-Philippe Demeyer, Architectural Digest AD100 architect, from International design studio JP DEMEYER & CO. “We wanted to create a daring design which transcends taste and the zeitgeist, a mix of international allure and custom work. Not haute couture as in fashion but interior couture”, according to Demeyer.

The name Bisous...

The name Bisous translates to “Kisses” in French. The design was inspired by the sexy Parisian haute couture restaurants. The seductive character comes back in all aspects; from the warm colours, to the mix of timeless and modern elements and the usage of the finest materials. “Interior couture”, according to Demeyer.